Euro Truck Simulator 2, How to use mods safely?

Outdated article. SCS solved this problem by implementing a missing mod detector in the game. Thanks to this, the game will automatically detect and sell the missing parts as soon as you go to the workshop.

The question seems silly, but in my experience most players don’t use mods properly.

What does it even mean to use mods correctly? So the point is that when installing a new mod, it’s worth having a single player profile for all mods. Why? Because when we enter multiplayer mode, all mods are deactivated and a problem arises. Each mod installed in our game adds something to the game. For example, suppose you have a mod that adds cabin accessories to the game. You get in your truck and drive to the workshop to decorate it. You buy pendants, mugs, stickers, etc. The truck looks great 😉 You drive like a free eagle over the ocean. After some time, you decide that you don’t like this mod anymore and you decide to deactivate it. What happens then? Your truck still “has purchased accessories”, but the game cannot find them. You have a error that you could have avoided by simply selling the purchased accessories before deactivating the mod. Sometimes there is a lot of it, and I know it’s not easy. You can sell the truck before deactivating the mod. I know it is quite bothersome but if we don’t do it then with each next mod we will have more and more “invisible” accessories which the game will demand and which are not there anymore because you deactivated the mod.

Another important thing is the quality of the mod. What does it mean? Well, I didn’t know much about it, but when I started to get into modding, I noticed that many mods are not skilfully done and are very cluttered. Not knowing how to unpack a mod to check what’s in the package and what shouldn’t be, there’s not much we can do. We can do a simple trick. After activating the mod and starting the game, we check the console. If it is clean, then we buy the item and check the consoles again. It’s best to check it after buying each item. It’s just one click and we know if the item is causing errors.

Most errors or warnings do not affect the quality of the game in any way, but the more there are, the sooner we will start to notice this influence, so it is worth taking care of it.

How to turn on the developer console?

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