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ScaniaLightPack and MoreLightsAddon

This mod work on single player only. Tested on 1.40/1.41/1.42/1.43/1.44/1.45/1.46/1.47

This mod contain: Halogens, small led lights for all trucks (no reflection), small lights with reflection for all trucks, roof grills for Scania S 2016, bottom grills for Scania S 2016, Sunshields for Scania S2016, Letter plate with all alphabet for: Daf XF 105, Daf XF Euro 6, Volvo FH16 2012, Scania S 2016. One roof grill is with lightbox (Scania S).You will also find police small strobo lights. Blue strobo lights. Red strobo lights. Red low beam small light. Standard mirrors with turn signals, painted mirrors with sequential blinkers and glowing logos, strobo led streeps (police and blue).

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Ford F-Max a little tuning pack

To use this mod you will need a truck: FORD F-MAX

Mod includes: Digital Mirrors System Truck Guard, Small lights, Halogens, Front and roof grills, (one roof grill with white beacons build in) lightboxes (assigned to roof grills), rear bumpers, front grills and rear bumpers have a backlit for licence plate, standars skin ford, sideskirts bars and botom grills.

Steam Workshop

Free download only for Patrons here

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Lightbox editing

Download this ZIP archive F-MAX LIGHBOX EDITING and unpack it. Then, after unpacking, you will see the edit_this folder, enter it and there will be a file called and a template file. Open both files in a graphics program, adjust the dds texture to your needs, save and then pack everything with 7zip or any other program you use.

Packing settings

After that, paste the package into the mod folder and make sure it is above the main mod.