Basuri Air Horn System with 19 sounds for all trucks in ATS

The system was created on the basis of a real basuri horn. The following sounds are included in the mod:

Baby Shark, Believer, La Cucaracha, Magic in the air, Old Macdonald had a farm, Squid game, William Tell Overtrue, The Imperial March, We like to party by vengabus, Macarena, Pink Panter, Kill Bill Whistle, We no speak americano, James Bond entry, Hotel room service by pitbull – I’ts friday then, Industry baby, Smoke weed everyday, Beethoven Fur Elise, Kimino Torkio.


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Reversing sound ETS2 all truck “This vehicle is reversing”

This mod will replace reversing sound in all trucks ETS2



Goofy Ahh – Air Horn for all trucks – ETS2

This mod include Air Horn addon for all trucks in ETS2 – Tested on: last version


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Police Air Horn – All Trucks – ETS2 Mod

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Mod Includes: Air Horn police addon fit all trucks!

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