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Scania S – White LED tuning all cabins

White LED tuning for Scania s (all cabins).

Contents: White cross halogen lamps (fits all trucks), small white LED lamps (fits all trucks), matching the sunshield and logo, two Scania logos, one with slots for additional lamps. Side window inserts with the possibility of placing three LED decorations. LED plate above the bed, exhaust king truck styling, side LED badge for all cabins with slots for small lamps, extra sunshield.

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ScaniaLightPack and MoreLightsAddon

This mod work on single player only. Tested on 1.40/1.41/1.42/1.43/1.44/1.45/1.46/1.47

This mod contain: Halogens, small led lights for all trucks (no reflection), small lights with reflection for all trucks, roof grills for Scania S 2016, bottom grills for Scania S 2016, Sunshields for Scania S2016, Letter plate with all alphabet for: Daf XF 105, Daf XF Euro 6, Volvo FH16 2012, Scania S 2016. One roof grill is with lightbox (Scania S).You will also find police small strobo lights. Blue strobo lights. Red strobo lights. Red low beam small light. Standard mirrors with turn signals, painted mirrors with sequential blinkers and glowing logos, strobo led streeps (police and blue).

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Portugal Pack – Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Skin for trucks and trailers + Lightboxes

The mod includes: Standard skin for – Scania S, Volvo Fh16 2012, Volvo Fh16 2009 (Classic), Daf XF105, Daf XF Euro 6, Daf XG and XG+, Schwarzmüller trailers (Curtain Sider and Refrigerated), Krone trailers (Colliner, dryliner, profiliner, load carrier), standard scs box trailers. Lightbox for: Daf XF105 (assigned to roofgrill), Daf XF Euro 6 (assigned to roofgrill), Daf XG (assigned to beacon), Scania S (assigned to roofgrill), Volvo FH16 2012. Several xenon halogens to fit all trucks. (I added them because of the lightboxes. Thanks to this, they can be used with e.g. daf xg.)

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