Scania Extreme – Glowing tuning for Scania S 2016 – Single player

The mod includes: Exhausts, Light boxes, side strips (under sidekirts), front botom strips (under the front bumper), front griils, roof grills, front badges with extra addons, side badges with glowing skins and extra addons, side windows trims decorations, front glass glowing stickers, rear mudflaps, all parts are in 3 colors (red, blue and green). Trailer glowing skin (scania gryfin) in 3 colors. Some parts are painted so they not glowing. Mod work on single player. Mod was tested on: last game version ETS2. All for Scania S 2016 only. Glowing skin for trailer works on all standard scs box trailers. Small lamps visble in the pictures are from my other mod (SCANIALIGHTPACK AND MORELIGHTSADDON)

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