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What am I working on now?

Kenworth W900 this time. It will take a while, but trust me, you will like it. So far, I’m done the one glowing skin, 3 exhausts and blue side flares. I would like to do more colors and few different skins but it’s depends how long it take all this. Next week i’m busy ( I work all week) so I not be able to do a lot, but week after i have a more free time.

Mod completed in 100%


The mod is not working.

First, check that the file has the scs extension. If not, it probably needs to be unpacked.

How to enable the visibility of extensions in windows. (The link will open a new tab)

If you checked this step, now check if the mod with the scs extension has been pasted into the mods folder in Documents/EuroTruckSimulator2/mod.

Now check if the mod has been activated. To do this, start the game and check if the mod is on the right in the mod manager table shown. If you don’t know how and where to activate the mod, watch this video (The link will open a new tab).

Maybe you just don’t know how to use a mod? Find it on the website and see the manual. Most mods come with a short description or video.

If all steps have failed, go to the contact tab or write a comment and write as much details as possible.

ATS WheelPack – SinglePlayer

Hi all. I make this mod for ETS2 but it looks like you can use it in ATS as well. There is a few tires and rims for all trucks. Enjoy!!!

Steam Workshop

Peterbilt – Glowing Tuning – Single Player – AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR

This mod contain: Halogens, small led lights for all trucks (no reflection), roof long led light, bumpers, glowing skins for Peterbilt 389, glowing skins for isotherm 45,48 and 53, halogen tube assigned under deflectors, halogens and small led lamps + police light. Long beacon led steep attached to the bumper.

Steam Workshop

How to use it?

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