ETS2 – Camera 0 without numpad not working? No problem.

First, you need to find controls file. File is named controls.sii and is located in: This PC/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/profile number.

Open the controls.sii file usung a notepad++ and search for this lines:

config_lines[151]: “mix dbgfwd keyboard.num8?0
config_lines[152]: “mix dbgback keyboard.num5?0
config_lines[153]: “mix dbgleft keyboard.num4?0
config_lines[154]: “mix dbgright keyboard.num6?0
config_lines[155]: “mix dbgup keyboard.num9?0
config_lines[156]: “mix dbgdown keyboard.num3?0

The numbers in brackets after config_lines may be different. We have to edit the the part just after keyboard. Delete num8 but only num8 and enter there the key you want to use. dbg…fwd – Forward – set the keys you want to use according to the shortcuts.

For example:

config_lines[151]: “mix dbgfwd keyboard.w?0
config_lines[152]: “mix dbgback keyboard.s?0
config_lines[153]: “mix dbgleft keyboard.a?0
config_lines[154]: “mix dbgright keyboard.d?0
config_lines[155]: “mix dbgup keyboard.q?0
config_lines[156]: “mix dbgdown keyboard.e?0

Save the file and that’s all!