Hi. So that’s the whole story;-)

I have used third party services in the past. There are many websites that offer free disk space. I will not mention their names because I will not do anti-advertising for anyone. The fact is that under my mods I always put two links, one to steam workshop and the other to one of the sites where mods are uploaded. The moment you clicked “send” the mod was uploaded and that’s it. It was impossible to edit, preview, or update anything. No access to your own content. Later I found out that under some of my mods there are links that redirect me to some strange pages several times and downloading the file is almost a miracle. And that pissed me off because it looked like I had posted that crap link. I have to mention that the earnings from these sites are pathetic and it seems strange that some of these sites have no ads. So i guess that they have implemented cryptocurrency miners, but maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, I’m not an expert. Anyway, I decided to set up my own website where I will post my work. Some people prefer to download a mod. Besides, on my own website, I have full control over the content. I can write something, upload , delete or update anything. keeping the website is not very expensive, but it’s also not free. I have donation links on the website, but who likes to give away their money? I don’t haha. I think that everyone is mainly looking for free content and it is understandable because in my opinion the mods should be free. However, to make mods you need to spend a lot of time, you also need equipment and in my case, a website. That’s why I decided to additionally run the “exclusive” tab. Sometimes, I will post a mod there. Hope it will help me reduce the cost of maintaining the website. If not … well, I’ll keep doing my job ;-)I think this is a fair solution.

Thanks to this, the website does not have ads and all files on this website can be downloaded directly from the website without using the services of third parties, which often pose a threat, annoy with constant redirects and sometimes download speed. Also You’re helping me keep my page alive. You pay for the secure download of the file, not the file itself. The link to the file will appear after paying. Also will be sent to the email provided during payment. The link will be active for two hours. If you don’t download the file within two hours, you’ll have to pay again. By downloading a file from the website, you undertake to use it for personal purposes only. Uploading the file to other sites is prohibited. The files may have a locked archive and are adapted to the current version of the game. If a new version of the game comes out, you will have to pay again to download the new version of the file if necessary, but most of the mods on this page do not have a locked manifest file, which means the mod will be active until the game developer makes some serious changes to the game. For example, the new light system. However, I try to inform on which version of the game the mods were tested on. Each mod comes out with a clean console, but you have to remember that the game is updated frequently, therefore mod creator is not responsible for game errors if they occur while using mods. Mostly all my mods are free and most of them can be subscribed from the steam workshop. However, i don’t upload all mods to the steam workshop, some of them are for download only.