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Hi all. I just start a site for patrons. I don’t have a specific action plan yet, but it will be fun for sure. Thanks to this solution, you will help me maintain the website and I will have more motivation to work. Right now I have activated the VIP option which costs £ 3 (it is recommend a minimum amount via Patreon, don’t ask me why because i have no idea;-) There is a VIP tab on my website ( ) which is intended for patrons. There is not much there at the moment but I will try to publish more exclusive content for patrons. I work full time and I don’t have time to set things up all at once, but I think it will get better and better with time.   Thanks to all the visitors to my steam workshop, my YT channel and my website. I will try not to disappoint you. The VIP option  gives you access to the VIP tab on my site + VIP and Patron rank on my discord.  I will continue my work but it will take little bit more time. For now I invite everyone interested 😉 Thanks

What am I working on now?

Kenworth W900 this time. It will take a while, but trust me, you will like it. So far, I’m done the one glowing skin, 3 exhausts and blue side flares. I would like to do more colors and few different skins but it’s depends how long it take all this. Next week i’m busy ( I work all week) so I not be able to do a lot, but week after i have a more free time.



A few pictures of the mod I’m working on

I would like to show you what I’m working on now. It will be a complete tuning pack for DAF. The plan is to make glowing DAF skins for the trailer and skins for the cabins. I’m going to add an interior, maybe some cool lamps, I don’t know yet. The kit will include a more powerful engine. If I have enough time and patience, I’ll also make some special wheels for DAF. The tuning pack will be on both trucks. I believe that I will be able to finish it within the next two weeks. Hope you like it.

Look at the photos

MoreLigthAddon 1.40 will be made from scratch

Due to the latest update and allowing us to play beta 1.40, I am working on a new mod. It will be similar to my latest MoreLightsAddon mod but it will be made from scratch in a new lighting system. My MoreLightsAddon mod has been updated to 1.40 but only little and i will not uptade it completly. The new mod that I want to create will contain halogen lights, small lamps, blinking beacon lights and much more. I want to make police flashing lights for the roof, more beacon lights but also better halogens and more small lights in better quality. I will be uploading my work progress to my website so if you are interested and want to follow the progress, subscribe here and you will receive notification emails. You can also follow me on Facebook and YouTube.

Below you will find a video from the first launch of halogen MX74.

If you like what I do, write a comment below. If you have an idea, please share it. Subscribe, it costs nothing and it motivates me.

Papa Smurf MODS
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